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Global Education Centre is one of the top growing immigration firm in India and it has helped individuals to study, work or live in the best places in the world such as Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany and many more. Trust, Strong Work Ethics, Professionalism and Commitment are the main pillars of our organization.


Successfully meeting our clients needs with no compromise. Global Education Centre expertises in an array of immigration products ranging from Permanent Residency, Open work permits, Family Class Visas, Super Visas, Student Visas etc. We have an excellent track record in delivering high quality services to our clients. Clients who are satisfied with our services are getting in touch with us regularly for more value-added services.


Spoken English Level 1

Let's talk presents English Grammar level 1. Learning a language is easier if one is perfect with basic Grammar skills. It gives a good command over English speaking skills, with zero grammatical errors.

Spoken English Level 2

Let's talk presents Spoken English Level 2. This level helps you to achieve a higher command over English language. You can speak English, but lack the ability to speak with confidence and without any hesitation, this English speaking program will help you overcome these barriers and make you a natural English speaker.

Spoken English Level 3

Let's talk presents English Grammar level 3. Learning a language is easier if one is perfect with basic Grammar skills. It gives a good command over English speaking skills, with zero grammatical errors.

IELTS Coaching

“Luck favors those who are prepared….” At Global Education Centre, we aim at getting every student fully prepared to crack the IELTS test. Global Education Centre is a premier IELTS preparation and training institute with years of experience in teaching students from various backgrounds who primarily aim at studying abroad.

PTE Coaching

Max Your PTE Exam With Finest Coaching From Global Education Centre. If you wish to study abroad or immigrate for a job opportunity, chances are you will be required to take an English exam to serve as an evidence of your English skills.

Soft Skill Development

The course aims to cause a basic awareness about the significance of soft skills in professional and inter-personal communications and facilitate an all-round development of personality. Hard or technical skills help securing a basic position in one's life and career. But only soft skills can ensure a person retain it, climb further, reach a pinnacle, achieve excellence, and derive fulfilment and supreme joy. Soft skills comprise pleasant and appealing personality traits as self-confidence, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, social grace, flexibility, friendliness and effective communication skills.

English for Business

If you want to work or do business in today’s world, English is a valuable skill. Our English for Business course can help you develop the language skills you need to communicate in a range of business situations. The English used in business can be different to the English you use every day. Even if you are good at speaking conversationally, there are many business situations that might be unfamiliar to you including interviews, meetings, presentations and negotiation.

Summer Courses

Our summer schools operate during the months of June, July and August. The main focus of these programmes is for students to improve their English through fun activities. As well as General English, learners have opportunities to develop English through other disciplines and excursion to museums, galleries and famous historical sites.











Why Global Education Centre?

Global Education Centre is the leader in providing immigration, education and legal consultancy services to aspirants interested in studying or immigrating to other parts of the world. With offices across the world, we are able to cater the requirements of the clients in an ethical and socially responsible way.

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